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Nivers embodies, above all, a personal quest, a deep exploration of the pleasure of savoring.

Since adulthood, I have been learning in tasting clubs, capturing the richness of exquisite beverages, delving into the history of these elixirs, often woven with the passion and commitment of the men and women who cultivate and craft their products with expertise and passion.

Throughout my culinary journeys, I came to realize that there was a missing non-alcoholic beverage worthy of fine dining tables, capable of offering new gustatory perspectives while respecting the essence of the culinary journey.

A beverage that could delight wine enthusiasts while providing a high-quality alternative for those who prefer to abstain from alcohol at the table.

I was inspired to create a range imbued with flavors and authenticity, exploring new horizons by partnering with our most precious asset: nature and its botanical richness. Nivers is the result of months of exploring new taste nuances to provide unexpected alcohol-free pairings with the finest culinary dishes, creating a culinary symphony that surprises the palate.

What guides me every day is the desire to contribute to the culinary journey experienced by the guests of an establishment.

In 2023, Nivers begins with three botanical signatures that I look forward to sharing with you."


Nicolas Verstraete, Nivers, photo Leboncliche

Discover the Nivers range

The blend of teas Grands crus and plants, for a unique sensory expression.

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